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Was a full MLB season ever going to happen, or were we just kidding ourselves?

Was a full MLB season ever going to happen, or were we just kidding ourselves?


Dave Carney 7/27/2020

On Sunday we learned of four cases of positive Coronavirus from the Miami Marlins,  and by Monday morning there were nine more confirmed cases, two postponed Marlins and Orioles games, and the postponement of the Yankees Phillies game because the Phillies visitors clubhouse was just used by the Marlins… How did we ever expect this to work?

As sports fans we’ve been desperate for something, anything, to take our mind off of what has been the most difficult four months many of us have ever experienced. And while we were pining for sports, sports was apparently gathering the best information possible on how to keep players, coaches and staff safe from a novel virus that we literally know almost nothing about. The NBA so far looks pretty good, the WNBA so far looks pretty good, there were early problems with MLS soccer, but they seem to have figured that out. Baseball spent nearly an eternity fighting over salary, games, and revenue. Was there ever a concern for the Coronavirus?

We gave the players a lot of guff early on when Major league baseball talks broke down. Blake Snell of the Tampa Bay Rays said he didn’t feel it was worth playing, for less than his full salary… Other players said they just didn’t want to play at all and decided to opt out. They’re never seem to be that much concern about the Coronavirus getting to the ball players. After all they’re young healthy individuals should be able to beat this thing no problem. But as we found out from the Braves Freddie Freeman, it’s not always that simple. Different people react in many different ways to the Coronavirus. We don’t yet fully understand how this virus affects us in the short-term, or long-term. If you’re a professional athlete this is a grave concern.

I know as a nation of Brewer fans, Cubs fans, Dodgers fans, Yankees fans, heck fans of baseball being played because it’s summer time, we all want to see Major League Baseball’s 60 game season work. But you have to wonder if 13 cases from a single team within the first three days of the season doesn’t tell you something, what will? I want sports back as much or more as the next guy, but I also don’t want to see an entire league of individuals become ill, some potentially fatally, so I can get my fix of baseball. It’s just not worth it.

P.S. – Go Crew if there is a season!! Love those guys! 

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