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I HATE IT: Bucks trade for Zeller (for those obsessed with NBA/Bucks)

I HATE IT: Bucks trade for Zeller (for those obsessed with NBA/Bucks)


MILWAUKEE – For those psychotic about the NBA and/or the Milwaukee Bucks, then you already know they made a trade Monday.

I hate it (as much as you can hate something so insignificant). It’s just another installment of #RickPoopsOn something in life.

Simply put, the Bucks gave up a second-round pick (and Rashad Vaughn) for a few months of Tyler Zeller. Yeah, Tyler Zeller. Wouldn’t Brooklyn just give up Zeller for Vaughn?

Now, Milwaukee could opt-in on Zeller next season for $1.9 million. And they might do that because that’s a bargain for even the worst player in the NBA — and Zeller is far from that. He’s a rather serviceable center.

But giving up a second-round pick is like giving away a lottery ticket.

Yeah, it’s a long-shot that a second-rounder turns into a potential all-star but it’s not unheard of and, when they do, their contracts are gold.

The Bucks have two second-rounders right now: Khris Middleton and Malcolm Brogdon. One’s nearly an all-star and the other could be some day.

Other amazing second-rounders: Draymond Green, Marc Gasol, Paul Milsap, Gilbert Arenas, Monta Ellis, Rashard Lewis, DeAndre Jordan, Goran Dragić, Carlos Boozer, Isaiah Thomas (Cavs, not the 80s Pistons). And, I left off Cliff Robinson, because that’s just so long ago. But he had a sweet headband.

Maybe if Zeller had a headband, I could get behind this.

Zeller, 28, has averaged 7.1 points and 4.6 rebounds in 16.7 minutes per game while shooting 54.6 percent this season.

Vaughn, 21, was the Bucks’ 17th overall pick in the 2015 draft. In three seasons , he’s appeared in 133 games (eight starts) and averaged 3.1 points and 1.2 rebounds.

-Rick Solem — Rick@580WKTY.com

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