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Proxy Betting: What is and how does it work?

Dave Carney 4/14/2021       What’s on the table today?: Proxy Betting: What is it? In its simplest terms Proxy Betting is a form of wagering where a person designates a trusted individual as his/her proxy. Proxy (definition): The authority to represent someone else. In sports betting, as Jon Denton and I have been discussing for the […]

The Big Game’s BIG prop bets!

Dave Carney 1/29/2021 What’s on the table today?: Ooooh baby can you believe there are 1,200 prop bets in one book for one football game??!  If you answered YES, then you know what the heck I’m talking about….The Super Bowl! Super Bowl 55 is going to be one of a kind with the first ever […]

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