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Proxy Betting: What is and how does it work?

Dave Carney 4/14/2021       What’s on the table today?: Proxy Betting: What is it? In its simplest terms Proxy Betting is a form of wagering where a person designates a trusted individual as his/her proxy. Proxy (definition): The authority to represent someone else. In sports betting, as Jon Denton and I have been discussing for the […]

Teasers: What are they & how to play them

Dave Carney 4/12/2021       What’s on the table today?: What is a “Teaser” bet? In the hopes of making the seemingly complicated world of sports betting a little easier, today I want to talk about “Teasers”; what they are, how to play them, and what you need to consider before making a “Teaser” bet. We’ll start […]

Sports Betting Resources: Be a better BETTOR

Dave Carney 3/25/2021     What’s on the table today?: Sports Betting Resources Oftentimes I get asked, “Dave, where do you find your information on sports betting?” My answers always vary depending on who I’m talking to, what their general interest is in sports, and betting, and from there deliver my advice. Today, I’d like to lay […]

Hedging bets: What is that & how to do it?

Dave Carney 3/24/2021     What’s on the table today?: Hedging Bets; what does it mean and how do you do it? Oftentimes you hear things about “exotic” sports wagers and you think, “how could I do that”? Today, I’d like to discuss HEDGING your sports bets, what a hedge is, and how to do it. First, […]

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