Penguins are made out of kryptonite

The Pens did it again, they took out the Washington Capitals from the NHL playoffs.  For some reason the Capitals are not the same team come playoff time, what do you think, will they ever get past the Penguins?  {advpoll id=’62’ view_result=’0′ width=’0′ position=’center’} No related posts.

Brewer Projections anyone?

It’s still early in the season but the Brewers are sticking around, looking good so far.  When the season started I said less than 75 wins.  I gotta say I am still not going to change my prediction.  I still think less than 75 wins, but I wouldn’t be shocked if they win 80 if […]

What playoffs are more entertaining?

I’m an NHL guy even if my Blue Jackets are out especially with game 7 coming up between the Caps and the Pens.  Not even sure if for me a Cavs/Warriors rematch could compare to that.  How about you? {advpoll id=’60’ view_result=’0′ width=’0′ position=’center’} No related posts.

Come buy my shoes!!!!!!

I gotta say I don’t buy a lot of basketball shoes.  Lonzo Ball’s shoes look good to me though…..well up until I see the pricetag.  What do you think?  Would you buy a pair? {advpoll id=’58’ view_result=’0′ width=’0′ position=’center’} No related posts.

Who had a better draft?

Today we ask who had a better draft the Packers or the Vikings.  I think both teams pretty much drafted the best players available and they both ended up filling needs they have.  The biggest difference is Packer fans look at a draft as being good if they draft a Badger, Vikings fans look at […]

The end of another draft

Just like that the draft is over.  What do you think about the Packer draft?  I have a feeling that most people will think it was good because they drafted a Badger.  I’m not sure about that.  I will say though, I do still trust Teddy on draft day.  {advpoll id=’54’ view_result=’0′ width=’0′ position=’center’} No […]

Day 1 of the Draft

Day 1 of the draft is in the books.  How do you feel about it?  Vikings have yet to pick.  Beears trade a ton for 1 spot to pick a qb, and the Packers trade away their pick basically for a 4th rounder, and the next pick after where they would have picked, TJ Watt […]

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