Fantasy Sports Under Fire

Bucks and Brewers both take tough losses last night.  This morning we are talking fantasy sports, what do you think, is it more chance or skill?{advpoll id=’46’ view_result=’0′ width=’0′ position=’center’} No related posts.

Baseball, Bucks, and Free Agents

Big night for the Brewers last night beating the ubs.  Let’s hope Thames hasn’t been hanging out with Braun too closely.  Bucks back at it again tonight, game 2 Baby!  And of course the free agent carousel keeps on spinning.  Still some big names out there, out of these 4 which one would you pick? […]

Beer anyone?

It’s that time of year.  Lots of sports, lots of grilling, and of course……lots of beer.  Today we are wondering your favorite kind of beer.  For this guy I like the light stuff.  How about you?  {advpoll id=’43’ view_result=’0′ width=’0′ position=’center’} No related posts.

Packers arrests

There was an article published recently that lists NFL teams with how many arrests they have had.  The shocker of the article is that the Raiders haven’t had a single one in the last three years (http://www.silverandblackpride.com/2017/4/11/15263368/raiders-now-only-team-in-nfl-to-go-three-years-without-an-arrest) to me and equally as big story, is that the Packers have had the second most of any […]

The mistake on the Lake

Draft time is coming and the mistake on the lake AKA the Browns are still undecided on what to do with the first pick.  Judging by their record, no matter what their final decision is, it will be the wrong one……..unless of course there is some chance they can hire Kevin Costner to make the […]

Draft Day is Coming

Draft day is right around the corner, but there are still quite a few “recognizable” names left in free agency.  There are a few quarterbacks left, and 2 of the big name running backs still out there are Adrian Peterson, and Marshawn Lynch.  Peterson had a visit with the Patriots last week, Lynch does this […]

Big Sports Weekend

It was a big sports weekend for this guy this weekend.  My son Zander played in his first games with the Jr. Chill.  It was his first game at the level where checking is legal.  It was really fun to watch.  It was beautiful weather outside, but I had no regrets spending the majority of […]

Drafting the perfect team

With the Packers doing very little in free agency again this season, it leaves a lot to be desired in the draft.  What area do you think it is most important for the Packers to improve on in this years draft?  {advpoll id=’38’ view_result=’0′ width=’0′ position=’center’} No related posts.

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