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Michael Irvin Under Investigation

Encounter allegedly took place March 22 No related posts.

Opening day is on the way!!!!

With the Brewers finishing second to last in the division last year, where do you think the Brewers will finish this season?{advpoll id=’31’ view_result=’0′ width=’0′ position=’center’} No related posts.

Las Vegas Raiders

Well it’s official.  The Raiders in Oakland are history.  Well……they will be anyway.  I remember 2 times in my life when a team I followed closely left town.  One was the Minnesota Northstars, I LOVED the Stars growing up I never played hockey, but I loved to watch hockey and whenever I could catch a […]

Final Four

What a crazy finish to the Badger game, and the Badger season on Friday night.  It was a heck of a run though knocking off a number 1 seed along the way. WIth the Final Four set there are still two number 1 seeds left in the tournament.  Who do you think will win it? […]

Running with the Packers

Yesterday morning we were talking about the Packers signing running backs, and the name Joe Mixon came up.  I am completely set against it because I think the guy is a monster.  What do you think, does he deserve a second shot?{advpoll id=’28’ view_result=’0′ width=’0′ position=’center’} No related posts.

Packers make another free agency move

Yesterday the Packers made another free agent signing getting back Christine Michael, for the poll question we ask how excited you are about that signing? {advpoll id=’27’ view_result=’0′ width=’0′ position=’center’} No related posts.

Whats the deal with Colin Kaepernick

There is a new story about Colin Kaepernick donating money to meals on wheels just shortly after they talked about funding of the program going away.  I think that is a good thing, but I also think that what Kaepernick does is purely for media hype.  He is of course famous for wearing his pig socks and […]

And the winners go down

WIth teams like Villanova, Duke, and Louisville out of the tournament it is fun to root for some of these lower ranked teams.  But when we had to pick the bracket a week agoI have a feeling that the outcome that most of us had on paper is way different than what has really happened […]

Big Ten Makes a Big Showing in the NCAA Tournament

All season long the Big Ten has been looked at as a conference that is down and not nearly as good as in the recent past as shown by their rankings in the polls with the teams that had the best record barely staying in the top 25 all season long.  Now tournament time they […]

Central Providing us with added excitement during March Maddness

I have been a part and following local high school sports for over 20 years in the area.  I have seen a lot of good teams come and go, a lot of teams that completely dominated all of the competition in the area.  I don’t know if I have ever seen a team quite like […]

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