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WKTY’S MATT SKRADIE: My all-time baseball movie lineup

Here’s my all-time baseball movie batting order. Who did I leave out? 1. SS Benny “The Jet” Rodriguez – The Sandlot The Jet not only has wheels, once he gets on base, but did you see how he perfectly hit the ball to Small’s glove IN THE OUTFIELD … On THE FIRST TRY?!?! The Jet […]

WKTY’s MATT SKRADIE: Coulee Region’s best boys basketball players

It is really hard to come up with a Top 5 best basketball players from the area. I know a lot of people reading this list will probably mention players from way back in the day. I have heard stories about the “Special K” team, and John Ford dribbling the basketball up and down the […]

WKTY’s MATT SKRADIE: Top 5 sports video game players of all-time

So you are looking to cheat at some old school video games, while being #saferathome. Here is how to whoop up on your kids old-school style. If you have one of these players on your team it is practically cheating. Here are my Top 5 video game players of all-time. 5. Lawrence Taylor — Tecmo […]

WIAA will be limiting attendance for remaining winter tournament events

Todd Clark from the WIAA sent out an email on Thursday morning saying that they “will be limiting attendance at the remainder of all winter tournament events scheduled March 12-14 and March 19-21” The guidelines for mass gatherings calls for restriction of public events to 50-250 attendees, depending on the event and venue. This pandemic […]

Today’s Picks (3/12)

125-114   Michigan  -3 Seton Hall  -3.5 Ohio State -2 No related posts.

Today’s Picks (3/11)

123-113   Hawks  -4.5 Minnesota  -8 Clemson  -3.5 No related posts.

Today’s Picks (3/10)

121-112   Pitt  -1 Lakers  -11.5 NDSU  -6 No related posts.

Today’s Picks (3/9)

119-111   Hawks  -4 Toledo  -9.5 St. Mary’s  +4.5 No related posts.

Today’s Picks (3/6)

119-108   Bucks +1 Clemson  -4 Roughnecks  -12.5 No related posts.

Today’s Picks (3/5)

118-106   Michigan  -17 Illinois  +5.5 Capitals No related posts.

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