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Proxy Betting: What is and how does it work?

Proxy Betting: What is and how does it work?


Dave Carney 4/14/2021      

What’s on the table today?: Proxy Betting: What is it?

In its simplest terms Proxy Betting is a form of wagering where a person designates a trusted individual as his/her proxy.

Proxy (definition): The authority to represent someone else.

In sports betting, as Jon Denton and I have been discussing for the past couple of weeks, there are entities (or individuals) known as “proxy bettors”, or “proxy betting services” that once you’ve signed up with them, make wagers on your behalf. These have been a very common staple in Las Vegas and at casinos around the world for sometime. As a matter of fact, Westgate SuperBook operator Jay Koregay estimates that proxy betting services have been in use since the inception of the “Westgate Super Contest” (at the time the Hilton Super Contest) in 1989.

One of the reasons Jon and I have been discussing proxy services for the past few is because with the new explosion of sports betting (except in Wisconsin of course), the clamor for sports betting around the country is reaching a new crescendo and the use (if smartly done) of proxy betting services can turn a loosely defined “hobby” of sports betting into something that can become rather productive and profitable. Especially in contests like the “Super Contest” mentioned above where you don’t have to win the contest out-right to cash in…the Top 50 players all get a piece of the pie. 

If you employed a smart proxy betting service who was able to help guide you through that affair, you might well be sitting on some nice scratch. Maybe even enough for a trip out to Vegas again yourself!!

As with everything related to gambling (sports or otherwise) there are risks involved and potential loss that could occur. That’s where doing your research (or letting Jon and I do it for you) really comes into play. The right choice of a proxy betting service might net you a good coin, the wrong one might have you looking to cash your 401K to chase a season of bad-beats.

My hope is that you DO NOT choose a bad proxy service and therefore DO NOT have to cash in your 401K. You might blame me for that and I don’t want any part of that for sure!

Over the next several weeks, I’m going to be taking a deep-dive into Las Vegas proxy betting services, speaking with the principals, and coming up with my own list of vetted, proven, and trusted proxy betting services that I would feel comfortable sharing with you. 

Once I’ve compiled that list and share it with you in this space and on the WKTY Morning Show, I say we all book a joint trip to Las Vegas and kick off summer in an absolutely EPIC (vaccinated) way!!


**For more info on TOTAL plays, OVER/UNDER, and PLUS/MINUS plays, TEASER cards and more, check back through some previous columns for detailed information**

REMEMBER – don’t bet based upon my recommendations. Do your research. Stay in your lan

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