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Rams moving up futures board

Rams moving up futures board


Dave Carney 2/1/2021

What’s on the table today?: Wow, how one move can really shake up the futures market in the NFL. On Saturday the Rams and Lions agreed to swap QB’s sending Matt Stafford to L.A. and shipping Jared Goff to Detroit. The deal can’t be finalized until the new league year starts March 17th, but it’s just as good as done and really nothing will change or stop that short of one of these QB’s dying by some freak accident.

That said, the betting market also took stock of this trade and boy-howdy how the Rams odds to win the 2022 Super Bowl climbed! 

Los Angeles was anywhere from a +2000 (Draft Kings) +1800 (Sports Betting Dime) and around those numbers at various other books. These odds placed the Rams from about 9th to 11th depending on which book you were looking at. After the trade on Saturday though, those odds changed quite a bit with Los Angeles jumping up to +1100 (Sports Betting Dime & Draft Kings) and +1400 (Points Bet).

The movement may not seem that huge, but it is. The Rams are now tied for 3rd best odds to win Super Bowl 56 behind the Chiefs and Packers at Sports Betting Dime and tied with Tampa Bay (assuming Brady comes back). Those are massive jumps of 6-8 spots with one move. That’s when you know a quarterback, in the case Matt Stafford, is really good. The odds for his team to win the biggest game, while never having won a playoff game himself, says that the folks who really know football (the gamblers) think Stafford is a stud and gives the Rams what they were missing in Goff.

If you’re asking yourself where Jared Goff is in this whole thing, don’t. He stinks and he always has. If you missed my take on why he stinks, why the Rams are atrocious idiots for giving up so much to get, then get rid of Jared Goff, take a listen to my OVERTIME podcast today as I go on, and on, and on about that very topic.

Cheers and have a great start to your Super Bowl Week!

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