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Packers will go 9-7, as 2018 scheduled opponents released

Packers will go 9-7, as 2018 scheduled opponents released


The 2018 Green Bay Packers schedule of opponents has been released.

Here’s the rundown:

HOME: Arizona, San Francisco, Buffalo, Miami, Atlanta, Chicago, Detroit, Minnesota.

ROAD: Los Angeles Rams, Seattle, New England, New York Jets, Washington, Chicago, Detroit, Minnesota.

It’s nearly impossible to predict what teams will fall and rise any given season, but I’ll make an early prediction and keep with my “Rick Poop’s on” moniker, for those who always think the Packers should be an 11-, 12-win team.

The Packers, next season, will finish 9-7.

The road schedule looks brutal. Green Bay will lose to the Rams, Seahawks and Patriots. Two of those teams have incredible quarterbacks. The other has a competent one with a great running game and defense.

At home, Green Bay will lose to the 49ers (Jimmy Garoppolo will be the MVP #Sarcasm. Kind of) and the Falcons. Sure, Atlanta is a stretch, especially at Lambeau Field. But, at this point, I’m betting on Julio Jones and that offense being difficult to contain.

Within the division, the Packers will sweep the Bears and split with the Vikings and Lions. Yes, the Packers could easily sweep the Lions but, at the same time, Minnesota could easily sweep Green Bay. And, who knows, the Bears get a new coach and they could pull a turnaround like the Rams this season.

And, again, it’s quite difficult to predict the NFL from week to week, let alone a season from now, before the playoffs or draft. There’s always a team or two that comes out of nowhere (Rams, Eagles, Jaguars) and others that drop off.

But, those teams that drop usually don’t fall off a cliff, unless they lose their QB.

One could argue Green Bay, Seattle, and Carolina are among those teams. But, they’ll never fall completely out of the picture because they still have Aaron Rodgers, Russell Wilson and Cam Newton. Don’t ask me about the Raiders. I thought they were for real.

The dates and times for the schedule should be released in April. Green Bay picks 14th in the upcoming draft.

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