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Central Providing us with added excitement during March Maddness


I have been a part and following local high school sports for over 20 years in the area.  I have seen a lot of good teams come and go, a lot of teams that completely dominated all of the competition in the area.  I don’t know if I have ever seen a team quite like this years Central basketball team though.  The talent of these guys is unbelieveable, and it has turned into a cliche but there is so much more to these guys than just what they do on the court.  The coach included.  I interviewed the team, and coch Fergot on Tuesday night.  It was awesome talking to these kids and hearing the excitement in their voices.  2 of the highlights that I won’t forget anytime soon was doing talking to Bailey Kale, I was expecting to talk to him for 3 or 4 minutes get a couple sound bites then move on…….that wasn’t even close to how it went, he took a seat next to me and sat there talking about not just basketball but also his love for music and many other things.  Then at the end I talked to coach Fergot.  I asked him a question about coaching kids like Kale and King for the last time, and he literally started crying.  There is no doubt about how he feels about these kids and the imapct they have had on his life, and in turn the impact he has had on theirs.  As they get ready to play in Madison today, I will just say this, I used to coach with a guy in Columbus Ohio who used to say, “This isn’t the greatest thing we will ever do in our lives, but it IS the greatest thing we will ever do together”.  For this Central basketball team I would say that is for sure true!


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