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Vikings submit bid to host 2018 Super Bowl

Vikings submit bid to host 2018 Super Bowl



Before the billion-dollar stadium is even built, the Minnesota Vikings have submitted their bid to host the 2018 Super Bowl.

The proposal was sent in today to host the Feb. 4, 2018, game.

The NFL will decide at the May 19-21 owners meeting whether Super Bowl LII will go to Minneapolis, New Orleans or Indianapolis.

The last time Minnesota hosted the Super Bowl was in 1992 at the Metrodome. The Dome also played host to the World Series (1987, 1991), the MLB all-star game (1985) and the Final Four (1992, 2001). 

The stadium itself will open in July, 2016, and cost Minnesota taxpayers $348 million, Minneapolis $150 million, and season-ticket holders $100 million (through seat license fees). The Vikings will pay $377 million (minus seat fees) for the $975 million stadium. 

Included in the Super Bowl bid were 48 potential venues throughout the area to host various activities.

The NFL Experience, which accompanies every Super Bowl, would most likely be held at the Minneapolis Convention Center. Some other highlights from the planning include securing over 19,000 hotel rooms from 180 hotels and practice sites for both teams.


  • Super Bowl Boulevard: An interactive football-themed event will be the hub of social and entertainment activity the week before the game for fans in celebration of the Super Bowl. It will include activities such as concerts and other entertainment experiences, and serve as a magnet to draw visitors, fans and local residents in for a centralized fan experience.
  • NFL Experience: The NFL’s interactive football theme park, hosting 150,000 fans over two weekends. The Minneapolis Convention Center is a likely venue for this event, which was held in this very venue for the first time during the 1992 Super Bowl held in Minnesota. People who do not have the opportunity to attend the game can attend this event to get a feel for the game and the excitement of the NFL.
  • NFL Tailgate Party: A pre-game party for up to 10,000 invited NFL guests within walking distance to the stadium.
  • NFL Honors: A televised event where the NFL salutes its best players and plays. This two-hour primetime special airs nationally and features live performances and player appearances.
  • NFL House: Exclusive members-only hospitality experience for people such as team owners and sponsors where they can drop in, hold meetings, conduct business functions or other needs during the week.
  • NFL Friday Night Party: A business party for approximately 1,200-1,400 invited NFL guests at a site that is unique to the region.
  • NFL On Location Hospitality: The NFL’s official source for business-to-business and fan event experiences, hospitality and travel programs. Visitors with special ticket packages can spend time prior to the game at this event within walking proximity of the stadium.
  • Media Day: Approximately 1,500 members of the media, 7,000 fans and both teams participate in this media event.
  • Super Bowl Legacy Grant: The NFL intends to leave a legacy to youth in the Super Bowl host community by donating funds that are matched by the Host Community. The grant(s) are announced during Super Bowl Week.
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