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    Holmen's Kendall in College World Series

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    Freshman leads Vandy in stolen bases, third on team in homers

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    Aquinas heartbreak in state championship

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    Blugolds lose on two-out, two-run walk-off single

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    Aquinas playing for state title

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    Blugolds take down nemesis, Marathon, now play defending champs

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    WIAA state BB: Aquinas-Marathon have history

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    Red Raiders have ruined Blugolds' chances for state titles multiple times

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    Logan softball, the state champs

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    Kleman at it again for the Rangers

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    Logan softball a win from title

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    Rangers' Kleman couldn't be stopped

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    Bucks trade Ilyasova in salary dump

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    Acquire Caron Butler and Shawne Williams

    The Milwaukee Bucks have traded power forward Ersan Ilyasova to the Detroit Pistons for Caron Bulter and Shawne Williams.

    The trade is unofficial at this point.

    The trade looks to be almost exclusively a salary dump. Ilyasova will make $7.9 million next season, the last year of his contract - though he does have a team option for around $8.4 million the following season. Meanwhile, Butler and Williams will most surely be let go by the team.

    Butler, who was a disgruntled Buck during its 15-win season, has a $4.5 million team option and Williams' contract is not guaranteed.

    Ilyasova shot 47.2 percent from the field and 38.9 from deep in averaging 11.5 points last season, but never lived up to the expectations of the contract he signed coming off a 13-point, 8.8-rebound season in 2011-12.

    The trade does make more room for Jabrari Parker, who tore his left ACL last December during his rookie campaign.

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    My new favorite player: Matt Dellavedova

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    It's hard not to relate to this guy


    Bucks at Celtics
    6:30pm - 9pm
    UWL FB Vs Oshkosh
    1:40pm - 2:40pm
    Packers vs Saints
    12pm - 3pm
    Bucks vs. Hornets
    7pm - 9:30pm