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    Rick Solem

    Here's the latest Obstructed View podcast (click here).

    The Bucks take to the home court Thursday in Game 3 with Chicago, down 2-0.

    We talk about their chances, the odds Michael Carter-Williams can learn to shoot in the near future - and how Philly set him back years in development. We hit on the state of the NBA playoffs ... and, Golf Boards. We lead with Golf Boards, with Rick Solem (580 WKTY), Cory Jennerjohn (columnist at allgbp.com) and Tim Ryerson (President of Student Athlete World).

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    Game 4: Bucks-Bulls

    Bucks already proved they're on right track

    What appears to be the final game of the Milwaukee Bucks season takes place in a few hours.

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    Optimistic Bucks guy

    A win tonight, and Chicago gets
    nervous heading back to Milwaukee

    I’m rarely optimistic. Especially when it comes to our homer teams. But, here we go.

    If the Bucks pull off a win tonight (7 p.m. tip) over the Chicago Bulls, they force a Game 6 back in Milwaukee, and that’s a big thing. Because all season, the Bucks haven’t experienced an actual home crowd – one that cheers frantically for the team. Then they get a playoff home crowd and are like, "WHAT?"

    “It just filled us with energy,” Giannis Antetokounmpo said. “Especially when I made the and-one basket and I saw the crowd going crazy, the feeling was great. It was one of the best feelings I ever had in the Bradley Center, to see all the crowd going crazy and cheering for the team.”

    This crowd may only be three-quarters … maybe half full of Bucks’ fans, as many have driven up from Chicago, but the difference in energy in the building now, compared to the regular season is huge. Bringing the series back home for Antetokounmpo and Co. to feed off some more could make the Bulls a little nervous.

    In Chicago, the Bucks have played well, but ultimately lost by eight and nine points, respectively, in Games 1 and 2. In their first home playoff game, they should have probably won it, but ended up losing 113-106 in double overtime.

    And, of course, they pulled out the win at the buzzer Saturday with, either a Jarryd Bayless clever backdoor cut, or a mental lapse by Derrick Rose on defense (ahem, mental lapse, ahem).

    Now, the Bucks have to win one on the road, and it’s not an impossible feat. They’ve lost games because Rose has played out of his mind. I still don’t think he’s his old self.

    Jimmy Butler has consistently been the thorn in Milwaukee’s side. The Bucks have elected to double team Pau Gasol the second he touches the ball, only to, sometimes, leave Butler wide open to do whatever he wants. That has to change. Maybe to the extreme of doubling Butler on some occasions.

    Joakim Noah has been a near nonfactor for the Bulls. Maybe he’s injured and not saying. Maybe he’s just useless as a scoring threat on offense. It’s allowed Milwaukee to put Jared Dudley on him – though it’s not helping the Bucks’ rebounding effort. Noah has 18 points this series … and 47 rebounds.

    Regardless, the mashup unit of Bucks is giving the Bulls a run for their money and, winning tonight would be cause for concern to all in Chicago, as they head back up to Milwaukee for one more home-away-from-home game.

    But that’s me being optimistic. Very optimistic.

    On this episode of the Obstructed View podcast (click here), we discuss the Bucks-Bulls series coming back to Milwaukee, the rest of the NBA and the NFL draft with Rick Solem (580 WKTY), Cory 'Jibs' Jennerjohns (AllGBP.com) and Jon Weisbrod (SouthernMinn.com).

    Oh, Jennerjohn and I did talk about the Brewers for 13 seconds, as well.


    Solem-Jennerjohn: Bucks, Packers and NFL Draft (18:40), NBA playoffs (26:16).
    Solem-Weisbrod: NBA (28:00), NFL draft (42:18).

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    Nope, not watching Mayweather-Pacquiao


    But for much less complicated reasons than most

    I’m not watching the fight Saturday night. But I’m not boycotting it, either, as many people are.

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    NBA playoffs: Round 2 predictions

    It’s a sad state of affairs in the NBA. The only teams left relatively unscathed from Round 1 are the top seeds. The rest either have severe holes or took on severe blows on the injury front.

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    Rodgers playing ... WR?

    Aaron Rodgers hasn't been cleared to play, but he did practice in full pads today ... at wide receiver.


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    Thomas in record books at ISU

    Matt Thomas finished his first season at Iowa State with the second-most 3-pointers made by a freshman.

    The Onalaska, Wis. native finished the year 44-for-131 from beyond the arc (33.6%).

    First on that list is Iowa State's all-time leading 3-pointer shooter, Jake Sullivan (2000-2004).

    As a freshman, Sullivan put up impressive numbers, going 61 of 136 from beyond the arc for an impressive 44.9%. He averaged 11.4 points that season and 14.7 for his career (19th in the ISU record books).

    He finished his career, Iowa State's all-time leading 3-pointer shooter, going 270-for-637 - the most 3s made and attempted in ISU history. He is splattered all over ISU's record books.


    Thomas started 15 games and played in all 36, finishing with averages of 5.5 points, 2.1 rebounds, 1.1 assists, .6 steals and .5 turnovers.

    The 6-foot-3 guard had an up-and-down season, unlike most freshman, who wouldn't see the court at all - especially on a veteran team like the Cyclones (28-8) had.

    Thomas started the first game of the season and scored 10 points, including a pair of 3-pointers to go with 4 rebounds and three assists. Next time out he hit 5 of 10 field goals (3-7 from deep) in scoring 13 points and it looked as though he was going to be a major factor all season.

    Thomas had a tough game against seventh-ranked Michigan, before putting up three double-digit scoring games in a row, including hitting his career high of 14 points twice. 

    After that, however, Thomas went into a bit of a shooting slump. He went 11 games 


    66-180 FG (.367)

    44-131 3s (.336)

    22-33 FTs (.667)

    76 rebounds

    40 assists

    17 turnovers

    7 blocks

    20 steals

    Most 3s made and attmepted

    Career-270, Jake Sullivan, 2001-04
    (637 attempted)

    120-250 FG (.480)

    61-136 3s (.449)

    51-58 FTs (.879)

    59 rebounds

    39 assits

    8 steals

    1 block

    59 rebounds

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    Logan remains on top of MVC

    By Rick Solem

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    Logan remains game up on Holmen



    HS FB Central @ Menomonie
    6:45pm - 7:45pm
    UWL FB Vs Oshkosh
    1:40pm - 2:40pm
    Packers vs Saints
    12pm - 3pm
    Bucks vs. Hornets
    7pm - 9:30pm
    Bucks vs. Celtics
    7pm - 9:30pm